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Car Accident Injury? 

 Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Leslie Holcombe, can recognize and treat soft tissue injuries resulting from auto accidents which are often not detected on a x-ray or CT Scan at the hospital. Such injuries are overlooked or even ignored by other health care providers. If you've been seen at the Emergency Room or by your Family Doctor after being involved in an automobile accident, chances are you were sent home with a prescription for a muscle relaxant and a pain killer. Days, weeks or months later you may begin to or continue to have increased stiffness, neck pain, back pain, shoulder/arm pain, knee pains and even headaches.

LET US HELP! We are a bi-lingual Chiropractic office with a Spanish speaking staff. We'll examine, diagnose and properly document all your auto accident related injuries. We'll provide a physical medicine treatment program to effectively heal your car accident injuries. The sooner you begin active chiropractic treatments, the sooner you'll begin to feel better, and in doing so you'd help ensure your legal rights are protected as well. Delaying treatment to see if the pain will go away on it's own, hurts you more physically, emotionally and financially in the long term.  Read more about it [here].

Whiplash Accident Injuries Weakens the Neck
Many scientific studies have shown that the ligaments of the neck and spine can be stretched during a rear end automobile collision. This report shows that neck muscles are dramatically weakened after a car crash collision. [Read More]

Shoulder Pain Injury After Whiplash Accident  

Shoulder pain is another common symptom after a car crash collision, and this article reviews two studies that describe how shoulder sprain-strain injuries can occur and how chiropractic treatment and physical exercise rehabilitation can help. [Read More]

Low Back Pain After Whiplash: Mechanism of Injury

Low back pain is fairly common after a rear-end auto accident collision, and this study shows how the seat back can cause damage to the lower back and spine. [Read More]

The Myth of Minor Vehicle Damage
Insurance adjusters claim that if there was minor vehicle damage during a car collision crash, that bodily auto accident injury is impossible. The fact is that there is no relationship between motor vehicle damage and your bodily auto accident injury. [Read more]

Proof of Ligament Injury After Whiplash Trauma

This study found that frontal auto accident collisions can also cause ligament injury to the neck and that the position of the occupant's head at the time of crash plays an important role in the type of neck or back injury suffered. [Read More].

3D Spine Simulator

The Three-Dimensional animated spine lets you explore what effects your spine pain has on the rest of your body and what spinal nerves may be affected. 


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Headache Relief

Whether you're suffering from almost constant incapacitating migraine headache, tension headache, post traumatic headache due to an automobile accident, or the ones that are constantly coming and going, it may be time to give chiropractic treatment along with the use of physical medicine modalities and specific exercise rehabilitation a chance to put you on the path of total accident injury recovery. [Read More]

Welcome to Our Website! 

The mission of the injury Chiropractors and Spanish speaking staff at Jefferson Spine & Injury Center is to educate and provide quality Chiropractic spinal treatments for neck pain, back pain and car accident injuries. The most successful health program is devoted to both healing and the restoration of complete function.

We combine Physical Medicine Modality Procedures with safe, gentle, effective Chiropractic TreatmentsMassage TherapyPhysical Rehabilitation Exercises, Pain Management and Nutritional Support  to help rid you of your neck and back pain quickly.

Arlington VA Chiropractor, Dr. Leslie Holcombe, D.C., has been recently recognized as America's Top Chiropractor for auto accident injury treatments and named Top Ten Best Chiropractor in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and Northern Virginia including: Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Annandale VA, Falls Church VA, Bailey's Crossroads, Seven Corners, Culmore, Barcroft, Fairfax VA and Washington D.C.

Ligament Injury from Frontal Car Collisions
Even low speed "auto accident collisions" can result in dramatic forces on the human neck. In this study, researchers found that the ligaments of the neck and back can be stretched or torn during whiplash car accident injuries. Automobile accident ligament injury can result in long-term neck and back pain and disability if not treated properly.[Read more]

End Your Low Back Pain

If your days and nights are spent in an agony of unrelenting back pain, and the results of traditional medical treatment have been disappointing, you need to know that there is an alternative.  If you would like to learn how your low back pain might be relieved once and for all through chiropractic treatments and physical medicine rehabilitation [click here].

Sports Injuries

Are you sidelined with a sports injury that is not responding to traditional medical care? Are you not playing at peak efficiency? More and more, coaches and athletes are turning away from traditional medical treatment and pain-killing drugs, because the treatments and medicine do not address the cause of the pain. To learn more about how chiropractic treatment deals with sports injuries, and often returns the athlete to peak efficiency [click here].

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