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Dear Dr. Holcombe

I would like to thank you for seeing me on short notice. I appreciate the time and patience you took to thoroughly explain to me my spinal condition and what my Chiropractic care options are going forward. Also, thank you writing a Medical Statement of Need for the purchase of a comfortable mattress. My neck and shoulders will definitely benefit from sleeping on a better mattress.

I think in the coming weeks I will follow your suggestion and consult with a Neurosurgeon again to see what my best treatment options are at this time. If further Chiropractic care is recommended, I will certainly be back to see you soon. You are highly recommended by me to my friends and family in need of a good Chiropractor for treatment of their neck and back problems.

Thank you,

M. O.

Dr. Holcombe and Staff,
I am happy I came to the Jefferson Spine Center after my auto accident. I enjoyed the treatment process and now I can truly appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy spine. As a result, I plan on using chiropractic care in the future.
Thank you for your time and attention.
B. Anderson

Dr. Leslie Holcombe,

I want to thank you for your very human chiropractic therapies. Thanks to your knowledge, patience and professionalism, I am now pain-free and able to Lumba and move around confidently. I don't know what would have happened if I had not decided to visit a chiropractor - and not just any chiropractor! Thank God for guiding the computer mouse to your name!!
Many thanks to the staff at Jefferson Spine Center for your care and concern in helping me overcome severe pain in my back and legs resulting from herniated disks.
Dr. Holcombe has been very professional and supportive in dealing with my problem. Your "bedside manner" has been reassuring. The office staff have been friendly and helpful.
My only wish is that I had come to your center sooner, thus avoiding months of unwanted pain. I recommend your center highly.
Again, I thank you!
A Satisfied patient,
A. DiCenzo
I thank God first, and then I thank my sister in faith S. Vanegas for recommending Dr. Holcombe who took good care of me. Many thanks to your staff who helped me with my paper work every time I brought it in.
Thank you all for everything,
G. Mendez
The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the outstanding and professional care provided to me by Dr. Leslie Holcombe. It is a good feeling to be able to work without pain due to a good intervention. Dr. Holcombe's beside manner and empathy towards her clients is a good quality that needs to be recognized.
D. Lizon, R.N.C.
Thank you very much for helping me feel better. I was having neck pain for a long time. One day I heard about Jefferson Spine Center and I came for help. I came and I met Dr. Leslie Holcombe. I tell her all my problems that I am having and she find the way to help me feel better. After I visit a couple of times in the Spine Center, I started to feel better. Thank you Dr. Holcombe for your help. I also thank your staff for their help too.
Jefferson Spine Center is a really great place for neck pain. I will tell my friends to come here if they have neck pain. Once again, thank you very much Dr. Holcombe for your help.


T. Rahman

To All My Friends:
In this office, I have been treated professionally and first like my house. My pain is gone and I got all my movements back in my work and my daily life. I give all my thanks to Dr. Leslie and her staff.
Sincerely thanks,
J. Blanco
Dr. Holcombe and Staff,
I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and the caring you put into it. You're all very special people. Thanks for making me feel special, too.
God Bless You!
Dr. Leslie,
Thank you for your exceptional, professional, and educational service and support!
Dr. Holcombe, Thank you so much for helping me with my low back and leg pain. When I first came to see you I could hardly walk and was in constant pain. After only a few weeks of your care, I felt GREAT!  My pain is gone and I feel like a new person. I am so glad my doctor referred me to your office for treatment.  Again Thanks,

H. Lopez
Dr. Holcombe,
Thank you for recommending Shaklee vitamins to me. I had been taking another popular   vitamin brand for years but I decided to try Shaklee anyway and I am glad I did. After taking Shaklee vitamins for about one month I noticed an immediate increase in my energy level and I just felt good all over. Shaklee has definitely changed my mental life and I recommend it to anyone, especially those people over 50 years old.
V. Legree
Dear Dr. Holcombe,
I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent chiropractic care I have received from you and the staff at Jefferson Spine Center over the past year. My recovery from a serious spinal injury has been remarkable due to your excellent care and therapy.
Approximately one year ago, I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back. I was in severe pain and scheduled with my regular doctor. I was prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxers - none of which helped. I was experiencing pain in my left hip and leg that was so severe my daily activities were greatly limited. I couldn't stand or walk for more than a minute at a time and nothing seemed to help. Friends and colleagues suggested various courses of treatments ranging from extended drug treatment to neuro-surgery. Finally at the urging of my sister, I scheduled an appointment with you.
Although I was skeptical of the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment at first, your thorough, educational approach convinced me that I might be able to recover my mobility and former life style without resorting to drugsd or surgery. And so, I began your regimen of regular treatments and simple exercises to help relieve not only the symptoms of my condition, but also correct the underlying causes of my pain. The results were nothing short of amazing!
In just a few short weeks, my pain was greatly reduced and I began to experience greater flexibility and mobility. During the course of the past year, I have continued regular chiropractic treatments at your clinic and am now able to do all the activities that I enjoyed prior to my injury. In the past six months, I have been fishing in the gulf of Mexico, hunting in the mountains of my home state, and enjoyed a host of other activities that I feared I might never be able to do again. I think I owe my recovery to your gentle, caring treatments and following the regimen of simple exercised and good spinal health tips that you prescribe. Thank you again for your kind, professional care - I don't know where I would be without it!
L. N. Bragg
Dear Dr. Holcombe:
I'm writing to express my sincerest gratitude for your help and treatment after my car accident on June 28, 2005. Although it has been a long road to recovery, I am so grateful for your advice to use my Med-Pay to cover my medical expenses associated with the accident. I didn't really know what exactly Med-Pay was when I chose it, but it was truly a lifesaver.
Since I had elected to pay for Med-Pay Coverage under my car insurance policy, it made my life so much easier when I came in for treatment to your office. All of my medical expenses were covered by my Med-Pay with no out-of-pocket costs to me. I simply filled out the paperwork in your office and your staff took care of the rest. This was so important to me during a time when I was in immense pain and could not think straight. My Med-pay coverage made it easier for me to concentrate on my recovery.
I would recommend anyone who is driving a car to add Med-Pay to their car insurance coverage. It does not cost much and has so many benefits. Plus, it does not affect your insurance premium!
Thank you once again for all your care and concern during my healing process.
J. A. Burgos
Dear Dr. Da Roche,
I just want to thank you for referring me to see Dr. Leslie Holcombe at Jefferson Spine Center. I was in so much pain and she knew just what to do to help me. My recovery has been a slow process but with the chiropractor adjustments and physical rehabilitation I've received here, I feel GREAT! You have no idea how nice it is to be able to get through the day with NO PAIN and without medication I've been to other doctors and they just didn't help me but Dr. Holcombe changed my life and I thank you for it.
Thanks Again,
J. Francis

I was in a low-speed car accident and was treated by Dr. Holcombe for the whiplash injury that resulted. In addition to the excellent care provided (which allowed me to get back to myself quickly), Dr. Holcombe and the other staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about auto claims (e.g Med-pay/PIP claims). Dr. Holcombe referred me to several great web sites, which had information regarding how to deal with adjusters, write a demand letter, and how to determine an appropriate pain & suffering settlement. As a result, I was able to ensure my claim was settled quickly and fairly. 

Thanks, Dr. Holcombe





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